Why talk about Coffee in Taiwan?

So why talk about Coffee in Taiwan?  Why this website?

As I started learning about coffee and Taiwan, I’ve realised that the coffee scene in Taiwan has been growing stronger only recently.  Although there have been coffee shops that have been around for 20 years or more (e.g. Orsir, Mojo Coffee, Chung Fei Coffee), the majority of the cafes around the island are a recent event.  It’s only been in the past 5-10 years that cafes have begun to spring up as much as the ubiquitous tea shop in Taiwan.  Even the well-known international chain 85 ºC Bakery Cafe only started in 2004.

The result is that there isn’t much information available to the English speaking foreigner who wants to come to grips with how the coffee culture operates here in Taiwan. As someone who plans to stick around and live here for an extended period of time, I have built up a collection of information about coffee in Taiwan. This has originally been for my own benefit as I’m naturally interested in coffee and Taiwan (and so how these interests intersect is interesting to me). But I’ve come to realise that it would be helpful to share this knowledge with others. Hence, this website will be the result of this process.

I plan to keep this website simple yet practical. I’ll have pages on the coffee culture in Taiwan and for listings/reviews of cafes in the major cities of Taiwan. (I live in Taichung so naturally that will be the largest, but I also travel to Taipei, Kaohsiung, and elsewhere so I’ll add pages to these cities as I travel.) I’ll also attempt to maintain a simple blog with websites, articles, cafe information, coffee bean notes and general information on coffee in Taiwan.

I hope this website will be helpful to you. Bottoms up!


2 thoughts on “Why talk about Coffee in Taiwan?”

  1. Hey really interesting your website. I´m writing from Guatemala Central America, we are looking for contacts in Taiwan to sell our coffee. Do you have some information about coffee roasted prices in the retail market and size of the bags. Thnks and good work 🙂

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